"A particularly important book".

Foreword by Dr. Joan Albanell

Director of the Medical Oncology Service, Hospital del Mar, Barcelona

Professor of Oncology, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

Mireia Coma-Cros infuses her approach to yoga with a deep understanding of the experiences of illness and healing. Clinical cases provide valuable insights into physical and psychological aspects in applying yoga to medical illnesses and trauma. Clearly written and well researched. A must-read for clinicians and illness sufferers who want to explore new ways to use yoga for relief, resilience, and life fulfillment.

Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD

Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychiatry, New York Medical College

Co-author of The Healing Power of the Breath. Simple Techniques to Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Enhance Concentration, and Balance Your Emotions.

Mireia has managed to wonderfully distill the essence of yoga, combining it with scientific rigor and human warmth.


The testimonies of so many people who have received her teachings show what a powerful tool for care and transformation yoga is".

Dra. Natalia de Iriarte

de Gay Montellá, MD. PhD.

Médica especializada en Cuidados Contínuos de Oncología

A book full of rigor, study and practical experience that provides us with ways to recognize ourselves and transform our lives through yoga".

Anna Forés, PhD

Chair of Neuroscience

University of Barcelona (UB)

"Healing trough Yoga" gives us guidelines on how to deal with the suffering that is rooted in the depths of the individual and how to overcome the conditioning that affects us while we suffer from it.


A great work that involves years of study and research, with the difficulties involved in linking two disciplines as different as medicine and yoga".

Conchita Morera

President of the Pedagogical Committee of the AEPY

(Spanish Association of practitioners of Yoga)

Yoga is an ancient Indian spiritual practice, which aims to unite mind, body and spirit. Regardless of its unequivocal spiritual origin, in today's society yoga has become a widely accepted method for increasing physical and mental well-being.


The vital experience of the person, both in a situation of health and illness, can only be understood from a holistic vision of this, where biology and psyche are as important as the harmonious relationship with the environment and the unique value that each person gives to their existence.


The WHO recommends the practice of yoga in the context of a healthy life, and as a way to rediscover one's own identity, the world and nature.


This book summarizes in a clear and accessible way the origin of yoga, its practice and the potential benefits for people's health".

Albert Tuca, MD. PhD.

Coordinator of the Support and Palliative Care Unit, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

Co-director of the Chair of Palliative Care UB-Clinic, University of Barcelona

Mireia Coma-Cros combines her extensive experience as a yoga teacher in patients with cancer and chronic diseases with solid scientific evidence of the impact of this discipline at a psycho-corporal level in people experiencing trauma and different health conditions.


In "Healing trough Yoga" she explains in a simple and revealing way the benefits of regular yoga practice - on a physical, emotional and spiritual level - in patients with cancer and chronic diseases, sharing real stories of men and women whose lives were changed by yoga.


This book is a must read for those who want to discover how yoga can be "more than exercise". Certainly a book I would have loved to read when I started my yoga practice at age 21 or when I started my medical oncology residency years later."

Marta Capelán, MD, PhD

Oncologist specializing in breast cancer and expert in integrative oncology

An essential practice

En los últimos años la práctica de yoga ha crecido de forma exponencial. Una de las razones principales es que es percibido por la población como una herramienta efectiva para promover la salud física y mental.


Although still in its infancy, the scientific evidence demonstrating its benefits has been sufficient for the best hospitals in the world to offer and recommend it in order to alleviate the symptoms of various diseases, reduce the side effects of treatments and improve the well-being and quality of life of their patients.

Desde hace unas décadas nuestra sociedad asiste a un fenómeno sin precedentes: el aumento de las enfermedades crónicas (responsables del 80 % de los decesos globales según la OMS). Un fenómeno provocado en gran medida por estilos de vida poco saludables y, en general, relacionado de manera directa o indirecta con el estrés. La pandemia del covid ha intensificado sus efectos multiplicando la presión que estas ya ejercían sobre el sistema sanitario. Una situación crítica que nos ha hecho mas conscientes que nunca de la necesidad de disponer de herramientas sencillas, efectivas y prácticas con las que equilibrar el cuerpo y la mente, mejorar nuestra la salud y bienestar y poder ser así más autónomos y menos dependientes.

«Prácticas cuerpo-mente como el yoga mejoran la salud de forma efectiva y económica y, por ello, pueden potencialmente reducir costes al sistema sanitario».

G.L Fricchione MD, Harvard Medical School


“El yoga tiene la capacidad de modificar estados fisiológicos, emocionales, cognitivos y conductuales nocivos y substituirlos por alternativas más positivas y saludables”

«Potential self-regulatory mechanism of yoga for physiological health»

Harvard Medical School

Yoga for Cancer Training

New training course of "Yoga for people with cancer" in collaboration with Yoga Without Borders, an association that brings this practice to vulnerable groups and at risk of exclusion and the Nous Cims Foundation, an entity that creates and develops innovative, transformative and sustainable social projects in the field of employability, emotional well-being and global development.

An innovative project that will train teachers to implement yoga in the oncology areas of different hospitals and that will be offered in virtual format from October 2022.